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Why Use Detox Foot Patches?

While detoxification has become a popular topic, especially the use of detox foot patches, there is little explanation why it is necessary. As the topic connotes, they play a key role in the detoxification and are attached at one’s feet. Attachment to the feet is critical for the patches to function effectively in detoxification. The patches rely on body physiology for the realization of their purpose. Further, they are made from natural products which are complementary to the body’s physiology for detoxification. The elements in the foot patch include wood sap and a combination of bamboo wood sap and highly ionic tourmaline minerals.

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Why detoxify?

Today, most of the work is done remotely or in a sedentary position. Consequently, there is limited circulation in the blood and the lymphatic systems. Moreover, there is a high accumulation of toxins from low circulation and the minimal physical activity. This leads to an accumulation of body fluids and extra proteins from the cells in the lymphatic systems and body tissues which may raise the acidity of the body. Such a condition increases the vulnerability of the body to disease-causing organisms. Further, the rise in the acidity of body tissues lowers the efficiency of the immunity system with low production of antibodies from the lymphatic system and particular white blood cells.


How detox foot patches work

Each natural element used in the making of the detox foot patches is natural and plays a key role in the detoxification process. The detox foot patches have an adhesive tape on them which is critical for the attachment to the bottom of the feet. They are attached when one is sleeping or lying in a horizontal inclination. Tourmaline used in the making of the patch generates negatively charged ions which trigger circulation in the blood system due to the difference created by the negatively charged ions and the positively charged iron ions in the blood.


Stimulation of flow in the blood circulatory system also triggers flow in the lymphatic system. Increased blood flow to the feet leads to flow of blood to nerve endings in the feet and aperture points in the feet which allow the exit of toxins. The wood sap and the bamboo wood sap draw the toxins from the lymphatic system through the aperture points and the pores of the skins. Additional benefits of the wood sap include treatment of infections and irritations.

Benefits accrued by the use of detox foot patches

The use of detox foot patches has an array of benefits which include unburdening of the lymphatic system’s toxins, which allows for the production of white blood cells and antibodies. This promotes the body’s immune system and establishes homeostasis which is suitable for the metabolism. Increased circulation in the body leads to relaxation and reduced swelling caused by the accumulation of toxins at the feet and joints with low circulation in the lymphatic system.


In addition, it diminishes fatigue and anxiety hence refreshing one’s mind. Increased circulation is also associated with proper functioning of the brain promoting productivity.


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