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Why Detoxify Using Detox Foot Pads?

Detox foot pads serve as detoxifying agents. The detoxification properties come from a range of natural products which are used in the making of the pads. The products include oak vinegar,HouttyuniaCordata, eucalyptus,Tourmaline, Agicarus Mushroom, Chitosan, Saurus, and Chinesis. The use of naturally occurring material is essential in preventing the use of exotic products, which have chemical byproducts that result in more toxins in the body. Detox foot pads are attached to the feet before one goes to sleep and taken off in the morning. While there are numerous ways for one to detoxify, detox foot pads have numerous benefits which include:

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Easy to use: Detox foot pads are packed in sachets which upon open to access a pair of two pads. The pads are covered with a layer which, upon removal, exposes the adhesives which are placed on the identified zones of attachment on the feet. The pads are left on the feet through the night and detached in the morning. One identifies that the patches are effective with the change in color to a lighter shade and a gooey feel. The change in color is caused by the toxins drawn from the body while the gooey feel is caused by the wet extracts from the lymphatic system.

However, changes are more conspicuous among some people while in others the changes appear gradually. The differences arise due to the varying responsiveness of the circulatory systems. People whose circulatory systems are highly effective may get a pronounced change in the pads while people whose circulatory systems are sluggish due to coagulation may take several attachments before the changes can be noticeable.


Use of natural products: The products used in the manufacturing of the detox foot pads are naturally occurring in minerals or in plants. The detoxification process involves the withdrawal of toxins which accumulate in the body tissues through the blood and lymphatic circulatory systems. Alternative means of detoxification rely on electronic machines which play a role similar to the kidney for detoxification. While the method may be efficient, it is highly costly and demands the dedication of one’s time.

Notably, this method is only applicable to people who have been diagnosed with kidney failure. Alternatively, there is detoxification medication, which unlike the detox foot pads, is made from chemical compounds. After the intake of the dosage prescribed, the medication leaves behind toxins which offset the balance of metabolism or eventually burden the lymphatic system. However, the detox foot pads use cell physiology and natural compounds used in the making of the foot pads ensuring toxins only move out of the circulatory system.


How they work: The Tourmaline compounds in the foot pad generate negatively charged ions that establish an imbalance with the positively charged iron ions in the blood, triggering circulation of the blood in the body as well as the lymphatic system. This allows for the removal of the toxic compounds at the feet by the wood vinegar. The process is revitalizing, promoting the functioning of the brain and the management of the products to make it possible to address the challenges of everyday life.


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