That question can be a little tricky. Of course you have a favorite anime character. But you would hate it if you saw 50 over people dressed like you in a convention with a few hundred souls attending. To make your life easier, here are a few steps to get you going.

Be who you want to be

  1. Be honest with yourself. You may adore Naruto, but does his personal style fit you? If you find yourself looking more like Sasuke or Itachi, that would have been a better pick, am I wrong? Open up your browser and look for costumes that better feel your personality and looks
  2. If you have a specific convention already in mind, then why not checking up the people that are going to attend? It’s easier to be with a group than to go by yourself. And if they already have a theme in mind and you like the idea, maybe you could pitch in and pick a character that both fits you and is missing from the team.
  3. Decide on whether you are making the costume on your own or not. If your sewing talents are lacking and you don’t have a friend to help then why not buy Cosplay Costumes for Conventions. Considering the budget you have, you may find yourself with more options that if you had to do it yourself.
  4. Sure you would like to be unique. Even if there are some people dressed like the same character as you, you would prefer to, somehow, stand out. But picking a character that only a few people will recognize is not a good option either. If you really want to be unique try finding an appearance your character didn’t often have or pick a character less known than the main protagonists.

And remember to have fun

Cosplaying is a lot of fun but it’s not limited to your presence at the convention. You should also have fun selecting and creating your costume. The more you are involved in it, the more you are going to enjoy yourself later on.