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Some Common Air Conditioner Problems And Their Easy Fixes

Air conditioners are not less than a blessing that has made our lives so much easier and smoother. We cannot even imagine our lives today, without air conditioners and that is the reason we have rounded some common air conditioner problems and their DIY Fixes so that you don’t have to spend your days and nights without it.

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So, save your money, time and hard work with the following fixes and thank us later!

Fixing the Common Air Conditioner Problems:

With the little motivation and guidance, the homeowners can easily fix some common air conditioner malfunctions and have their units running again.


#1: Your AC Isn’t Turning On:

Most of the time it happens when you come home from work and try to relax with the AC on, it simply fails to turn on. If you have central AC unit, the first thing you should look is the thermostat and ensure that it is set to “cool” mode. If that’s not the reason your AC is not working, the next thing you can examine is the external wiring. Make sure that all the wiring is intact, if not it is the time to call a pro. But if everything looks good, check the electrical wiring of your home for a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse. To fix that, simply reset the power in your home.


#2: Improper Air Flow:

If you feel that the AC unit is not blowing the proper and equal air, this is because of the clogged evaporator and condenser. Check both for the dirt and debris that is mostly the reason of blockage. If there is any blockage, simply remove them and vacuum them. And if your AC uses disposable filters, simply replace them with the new ones. This will fix the issue.


#3: AC is not Cold:

If your air conditioner is not blowing the cold air, it might be because of the thermostat. So look at the thermostat and make sure that it is set at the right temperature. Try lowering the temperature by a few degrees and if this won’t work, again look for the clogged evaporator and condenser.


#4: Mold in the AC:

Mold is the common yet serious issue with the air conditioners. Unfortunately, the fix for this issue is not easy and you have to call a professional for the help. However, you can prevent mold growing inside the AC by keeping it clean and tidy.

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