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Mycelium Wallet – A Home for Your Bitcoins & Private Keys

A Brief Guide on Mycelium Wallet

With every passing day the world around us is changing rapidly and with much new advancement in the Internet, today we are living in a virtual & digital world. From shopping to running an entrepreneur business we are handling everything through internet easily and efficiently. Just like shopping and online business many people nowadays showing great interest in ‘Virtual Money’ or ‘Digital Assets’. In simple words, it is known as ‘Crypto-Currency’. It is a secure way of communication to facilitate a secure transfer of money and even secure trade of shares.

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If you want to create a ‘Resilient Business’ in an ‘Ultra-connected’ and ‘Super-secure’ world, then using cryptocurrency is your best and ultimate option. Many potential investors are using cryptocurrency and hence it could also be used for crowdfunding. It is a secure trade of both money and shares; businesses and even individuals can purchase and sell with this digital money. To ensure the ‘Cyber Security’ the users are provided with uncrackable codes or private keys which could be used to track purchases and transfer of money. But, where to keep your ‘crypto-keys’ is the real question. Let’s review the discussion below to learn about a secure wallet to keep your private keys.


Mycelium – A Mobile Wallet for Cryptocurrency

Just as you keep your real-world money in a bank account or your cash in your wallet similarly the users also need to keep their crypto-keys somewhere which is not only safe & secure but also easy to access. One such wallet for crypto users to keeps their private keys and an uncrackable code is ‘mycelium’. It is a mobile wallet for your bitcoins offering a secure storage for your funds and keys. This app allows the full access to the owner and the user is responsible for its private keys and codes. The app also ensures that the ownership is fully in the name of users. This wallet is similar to your real Bank account or pocket wallet.


Features and Specs of Mycelium

The app ‘Mycelium’ is your virtual account or digital wallet for keeping your secure funds; therefore, this app is designed on the concept of a real bank account. This app features a card and a USB device for the purpose of ‘Paper Wallets’. Not only this Mycelium wallet also able to automate payments making it easier for the users. Another striking feature of this app is that it is easy to access at any time and in spite of this fact Mycelium is fast and quick acting, hence making it user-friendly. Mycelium offers its user many useful tools and ensures security. The vkool holds the credible and reliable information about Mycelium and cryptocurrency.


Why Should I Use Mycelium Wallet?

There are many striking features and benefits of Mycelium Wallet app which no other app offers, making this app unique and outstanding among other wallet apps. The benefits which the users of this wallet app will enjoy are:

  • Simplicity & Ease of Use – the design of the app is simple and hence this app is easy to use. The users can easily check their balance as well as how it is converted into Fiat Currency.
  • Option to Add Additional Account – Mycelium also allows the user to add more than one account on the same app whenever it is needed.
  • Open Bitcoin Trading – the app allows an open trading of Bitcoins so that the users can decide a place to meet personally and check each other’s reputation and reliability for safe & secure trading.
  • Different Tools – the app also provides different tools to its users which includes a ‘debit card & fiat accounts’ and tools to handle not only the bills but also the escrow transactions.
  • Bitcoins Retaining & Storing – unlike other apps Mycelium users can not only enjoy a safe exchange of bitcoins but can also store or retain these bitcoins.
  • User-Friendly – the app is very user-friendly as it is very simple and easy to set up the account and use this app.

Is Mycelium Secure & Reliable?

An important factor that counts in the virtual world is the ‘Cyber Security & Reliability’ and Mycelium app ensures the security and safe trading of bitcoins. This app uses different techniques for securing the transactions which make this app reliable which is listed below.

  • Encryption of Chats & Time Stamped Text
  • Private Transactions – Sell order, BTC Address, Historical Trading & Location
  • Bitld – Ledger wallet address
  • Pin Number to access the Account
  • Paper Wallets

The final word on Mycelium to close the above discussion is that this app is very easy and secure to use and different from other similar apps by providing the facility to store the Bitcoins. For now, the app is only limited to bitcoins but the developers are still configuring new features to add to the list. You can find more about this app at


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