Are Your Snickers Good Enough For a Camping Trip?

There are few things more exciting than going out in the wilderness to camp with your friends for a few days in a place far away from civilization. You bring you backpack, your tent, your adventuring spirit and you are good to go, right?

Well, there is one important thing you need to keep in mind. Something so important that almost all new campers don’t even think about it.


Having the proper shoes to wear

Most people when facing the large expenses they need to do to buy all the camping gear, decide to cut costs. The few things they are going to start from, are obviously the things they are already using.

That will include their shoes, their clothes and probably some accessories like knives and lighters. However, there is one thing to consider. If you bring enough clothes with you, you can change according to your needs, for your gadgets and accessories, a simple lighter can work in the same way as all the rest and a kitchen knife, although not as easy to use, is still a knife.

But your shoes? Yes you are comfortable in them, but only in urban locations. When was the last time you had to wear them for long hours straight and on a difficult terrain?


Anything from the snickers wearing out to blisters and water getting in and soaking your feet can make or break your experience. Think about it. How much are you going to enjoy your adventure if you can’t walk because it hurts or you can’t feel your feet.

Specifying your needs and addressing them

The reasons usual urban snickers won’t be able to cut it in the wild for to long is because they were not created to sustain such conditions. But the same goes for all the different kinds of camping shoes. Some are build to be light and worn during ultra light treks or for casual trail treks.


On the other hand you have approach shoes, which are made mainly for off the trail journeys. There are even heavy duty shoes which are still not qualified to be considered boots, but they are build to handle snow, mud and climbing.

In the end, it is all up to you. When you are buying your gear for the great outdoors, it is always wise to consider what are you going to use them for. Some choices are always better than others and it not only about which shoes are going to wear out faster but also if and how much can they protect your feet from any damage.

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