With so many ways to communicate, many people have gotten away from the basics. Read here for 5 reasons to send snail mail letters in 2017.

When’s the last time you received a letter through the mail that wasn’t junk or a bill?

I bet you remember it, don’t you? It made an impact because it’s so rare.

Thirty years ago, snail mail letters were the way most people communicated (who wants to pay for long distance?!). It may seem ridiculous now with the instant communication we currently have, but is that a good thing?

I think not.

Sending a text or an email to someone takes zero effort. You can do it while vegging on the couch.


Your words don’t mean much to the recipient because of the ease of modern communication.

Want to make a true impact? Send a snail mail letter.

Here are 5 reasons to send a real letter in 2017.

1. Let Them Know They Matter

Cutting through the noise of everyday life is not easy. We’re all bombarded with texts, inbox messages, push notifications and alerts.


A hand-written letter sent through the mail will make anybody feel special. While it may not be a daily thing, they will definitely know you care enough to spend time on them.

2. Cut Through the Junk Mail with Love

So much junk mail, all the time. I swear the junk mail industry is the post office’s biggest proponent.


Imagine sorting through your junk mail and seeing a handwritten envelope from a friend. Wouldn’t that make your day?

Turn the tables on this and be the one doing the day-making. It’ll make you feel good, too.

3. Endless Encouragement for the Price of a Stamp

A text or inbox message gets read once and ends up buried. A snail mail letter can be read over and over.


Can you believe that the average U.S. household only receives one personal letter every seven weeks?

I can personally attest that I haven’t received one in a much longer time than that. However, if I had it would probably be on a mantle somewhere in the house.

If a friend or family member is sick or suffering, send them a letter of encouragement. It will be read many more times than a text.


4. Show Off Your Artistic Side

If you’re traveling and have a keen eye for photographic beauty, this free postcard maker will help you send a powerful and entertaining message.

Way better than a stale Facebook post, the “likes” you’ll get from sending a personalized postcard with this maker will fill the hearts of you and your recipients.


Postcards may have gone the way of 1980, but perhaps it’s time to bring them back.

Actually, it most definitely is.

5. The Stamp You Choose Can Send a Message

Don’t just slap any old stamp on your letter. The USPS store offers hundreds of stamps that can convey almost any message.


The first thing your recipient will see is the stamp on your letter. Make sure it tells a story about what’s inside the envelope.

Snail mail might seem like a thing of the past. it’s not.

There is no better way to make a huge impact on that special friend or family member than shipping off a piece of snail mail.


You might even get one in return!